The R&R Club

Life can get busy sometimes, causing us to be wrapped up in daily challenges, that causes our body to tense up and our thoughts to speed around our minds in response to life's challenges. So  throughout the month of August, I'll be hosting a series of one-hour mindfulness and tranquility sessions, providing women the chance to take time out for themselves to, simply rest relax & unwind from a busy day. 

What is The R&R Club?
The R&R Club is a women wellness club, offering relaxation techniques, mindfulness, light movement in motion (stretching sequences, not yoga!) to relax tired limbs, all complemented beautifully with time to lay down, perhaps elevate your feet, snuggle under a blanket and let your mind simply slow down to the background noise of tranquil sounds... It really is mindful meditation made easy.

Next session is on 7th August 7pm till 8pm 
in Oxley Park Milton Keynes. Click here to book 

What is meditation? 
The word "meditation' often conjures up thoughts of sitting crossed-legged on the floor, surrounded by candles and crystals in a dimly lit room smelling like incense. And for some this may sound appealing, and for other this may sounds weird or woo woo.

The truth is, meditation is simply a process of observing and quieting your mind, so if like me you are not a fan of the word "meditation", let's call it "focusing". So now lets think about mindful focusing, this is a process that will help you disengage from the thoughts in your mind that have a lot of momentum, and seem to be taking up a lot of your thinking time. At The R&R Club, we will simply be spending time paying attention to the present moment, providing an environment free from distraction where you can simply take some time to offer your mind time to clear itself from thoughts, and focus on breath and body relaxation. 

You may choose to sit upright or lay down the choice will be yours, as long you are comfortable and in a position that allows you to bring attention to your breathing, and have an awareness of how your body responds to the invitations to exhale and relax... I know, sound like bliss doesn't it, this is mindfulness at its best, it is so easy to do when you know how. 

What is mindfulness?
In its simplest form, mindfulness is a practice (like outlined above) that simply allows your mind to wonder less, teaching you how to take back the control of negative and exaggerated thoughts that are building momentum in your mind. Supporting you to be able to keep the focus at other times of the day too, supporting you to adopt an increased sense of calm, and that is the whole point of The R&R Club, to have a calm mind.

How do I book onto an R&R club session?

Session 1
Date: 7th August
Time: 7pm till 8pm 
Location: Milton Keynes
Cost: £5 
To book click here.