Pay As You Go

I am delighted to be able to offer a 'Pay As You Go Coaching Service', where clients can book sessions when required for coaching for a concentrated topic, and troubleshooting

There are a few options for the M|MK Coaching 'Pay As You Go' service:

Option 1: £35 per 30-minute over the phone session.

Option 2: £65 per 60-minute over the phone session.

Option 3:  £99 mindset reboot intensive {1 hour Skype call}

What is life coaching?
Life coaching is about dreaming big, setting goals and working hard to make those goals achievable. At its most powerful, life coaching can completely transform your mindset, behaviours, habits, and thought processes, complimented  by a more positive and can do approach to life and life's challenges. As a Life Coach, my role is to support you to address any area of your life that you want to make a positive change in or perhaps, focus on an area of your life {both personally and or professionally} where positive transformational change is already happening, and offer you added laser focus support to help to navigate through it. Life Coaching works if you have an identified goal you want to achieve in mind, or if you don’t quite know what it is that you want to change yet. As your Life Coach, I'll coach you and support you in making deep-rooted and lasting positive change, all you have to do is commit to doing the mindset work required to take action an make it happen.

Is it right for you?
Life coaching can prove t be invaluable for both navigating through challenging times, and for creating a transformed growth mindset for personal success and life that we all deserve. In the past, I have successfully supported women who:
  • Have a goal you want to achieve or, a change you want to make. 
  • Have an area of your life that you’re simply not happy with. 
  • You feel like you are stuck in an emotional rut.
  • Need something to change... but aren’t quite sure what that is.
  • You are going through {or have been through} a major life change, challenge or trauma, and want emotional support to navigate your way through it, and want to start working towards a rebooted mindset for a positive future.
  • You feel like you have simply lost your way a bit {It happens to the best of us lovely... you are not alone} and want help to reconnect with who you really are, and what you need from life.
  • You’re stressed out and you want to find a way to get back in control of your life and find some peace and balance.
  • You are lacking confidence, self belief or self-worth, and it’s getting in the way of how you want your life. 
  • You want help to become a confident woman, full of high esteem, and self love.
  • You want to create a life that you desire.
How does life coaching work?
Simply put, together we look at where you are now, and establish where you want to be, and then put the steps in place to support you to do all the bits in the middle! Because the bits in the middle, are often the part of the process, that causes us to get overtaken with mindset blocks, overwhelm, fear, self-doubt, lack of motivation, and lead to self-sabotaging behaviours like...
  • Feeling like you’re really clear on what it is that we want, but unsure of how you are going to achieve it, so you just stay stuck.
  • Having no motivation, energy or inspiration to work towards making positive change.
  • Perhaps you are having an all to common inner mind chatter conflict, preventing you from getting from where you are... to where you want to be. 
  • Perhaps you need clarity and accountibility on something you ‘should’ be doing, rather than what you want to be doing.
  • Prehap you are suffering in silence, because your inner mmind chatter is so loud, that you are now used to listening to limiting beliefs about yourself, your capabilities, your worth, your desires and your passions, preventing form living alife you both desire and deserve as your true authentic self. 
Bianca, how can you help me?

As your Life Coach, I will help you shine a light and on any areas of interference, that is stopping you from stepping into your power or personal success. Together we work through identified challenges to determine what is useful to you, and what you can release in order to clear the path for you to become unstuck! You see, the best part about being a Life Coach is seeing a woman on the brink of transformational change, step into her power and live life on her terms. Being part of this cocoon to butterfly process, where I get to witness first hand the moment a woman, mentally wakes up, emotionally lights up, physically displays her empowerment and reconnects with her dreams goals and desires with motivation and confidence to work towards them... is an absolute honour.  

What can I expect from a coaching session?
Simply put, we will be having a chat, where you will feel safe supported, guided and ultimately know that being vulnerable is OK. During our coaching calls, I will use a blend of coaching, mentoring, and guided visualisation to help identify your blocks and face your challenges head-on. I will ask you thought-provoking questions that will invite you to think introspectively about life, your habits, your behaviours and your thought processes, in a way you may have neve approacehd things before. I will be completely honest with you. I may also challenge moments where I identify any negative self-talk or self-limiting beliefs that I think might be holding you back. 

I’ll help you define exactly what it is that you want out of life, and support you in creating the steps to get there {the bits in the middle}. We’ll work together to create a connection that is warm, welcoming and friendly enough for you to do the personal development work that is required. For you to identify anything that might be getting in the way of achieving your heartfelt desire, and work through it in order to release anything that is no longer serving you. You can expect to go on a powerful personal development journey of, self-help, self-discovery, and reconnection.
Are you ready to live life as a happier more fulfilled version of yourself?
If it sounds like Life Coaching is for you, email: to request a complimentary 15-minute consultation call and schedule your 'Pay As You Go' session. In this complimentary consultation call, we can decide together if we are a good fit for each other, and if we want to continue with a coaching relationship. {During this call, if I feel like I’m not the right person to help you, I will let you know. Because it’s really important that you achieve what you have set out to, and there may be occasions when someone else with a different skillset would be better placed to support you.} If the connection between us high vibe and we both want to work together on a few sessions or a programme, we can proceed with getting your first 'Pay As You Go' sessions booked in.

I am a Life Coach that supports ordinary women, do extraordinary things with their life... that includes you. 

I hope to hear from you soon.