Coaching Brunch Clubs

There is nothing I love more than to spend time supporting women to step into their power, providing them with both space & permission to think about what they need to develop & grow personally & professionally. 

This is exactly what happens in the monthly M|MK Coaching Collective Brunch Clubs. They are always time well spent, collectively using the power of talking therapy & NLP activities and tools, to gain clarity on next steps for positive action.

It really is amazing how clear our thinking and thought proceses become, when we give ourselves permission to... 




& plan how we are going to do what we need to do, with empowerment & confidence.

Every months coaching brunch is cenetred arond a theme such as||:

How To||: Be more calm
How To||: Create your vision
How To||: Be more confident
How To||: Explore good habits
How To||: Define personal suceess
How To||: Identify your mindset blocks

Exploring, discussing and being coached on way to take positive action, on overcoming life challenges such as 

||:Self belief
||:Setting goals
||:Achieving goals 
||:Limiting beliefs
||:Postiive self promotion 
||:Creating a goal stragtegy

And many many more! All over brunch in a safe coaching space, with like minded women all on the same personal development journey. Coached by me, Bianca Chappell an NLP Life & Business Clarity Coach, with a passon for supporting women to live happier and more fufilled life. 

The M|MK Coaching Collective Brunch Club, is not a monthly subscription club, no membership is required. It is simply a platform for women to attend when they need to and take what they need to support positive action. 

It would be lovely to have you around the table at one of the M|MK Coaching Collective Brunch Club tables, with monthly clubs in both Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire & London Mayfair, it would be my honour to be able to  have you as one of the many women I support across the UK. empowering and guiding them to step into their power!

To book onto an M|MK Coaching Collective Brunch click here.