Mindset Mastery Challenge



Success is not something that just happens but something you create. You have to have the confidence to banish any negative voices in your head.
1. Self-trust mindset
2.To do anything great,.
3.To be able to trust yourself and believe in your capabilities. 


So you are ready to step into your power, & up levelling your thinking? Great, you are in the right place! Welcome to the FREE 3-Day Mindset Challenge! It is time for you to dive into the power of who you truly are & take action from that very place! 

Each day, I am going to share 1 mindset activities with you, that will support you to reboot your thinking processes, breakthrough your self-belief blocks, getting you from stuck to unstuck, & identify the mindset steps required to start taking action on living a life that currently, only exist in your dreams. I have designed this FREE 3-day coaching program to challenge you to get you to start thinking about that best version of you who has already manifested all of the amazing results you visualise in both life and or business.

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Each day offers a challenge that will push your comfort zone on deep introspective thinking & visibility, to provide you with clarity for not only what you want to accomplish, but! How you are going to make that dream, goal & aspirations achievable.

"A chance conversation with a friend lead me to a mindset mastery class with Bianca. I was a little unsure how much I could change in 3 days (truthfully I didn't believe there was that much I needed to as work was going reasonably OK) but this course totally blew my mind. I have refocused my priorities to what is right for me, my family and my business. I feel so positive and energised about the future and am looking forward to continuing with Bianca as a coach. If you are ever unsure that you need a Coach.
I would say try it - you will be amazed" 
-Nicola Case

The challenge is going to invite you to think BIG! Think honestly & step outside your comfort zone, because we all know. If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got!

"If you are thinking about doing this challenge, just join the group and do it! To think I have been held back by my own negative thoughts for so long and yet have found the confidence to step out of my own way in just 3 days. Making lasting friendships with other women on the same journey of self improvment as me."
                      -Bev Allen

This is a 3-day mindset challenge will take place in a private Facebook group exclusively created solely for women on the challenge, successfully hosting mindset mastery alumni for 10 seasons, supporting countless women to uplevel their mindset, since launched in 2017.  One challenge will go live in the exclusive group at 8am daily, for completion by 9pm. 

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Before I even thought opening my coaching practise, the idea of mindset work was like being asked to start learning a new language, (if it feels like that now to you too that’s ok!) But the truth is, once I started learning about it, I couldn’t get enough! Years on, & many clients & success stories later, here I am. 
Shifting my mindset was a huge part of building a strong foundation for both y life and my business, simply put. It’s what made it possible for me to start living the kind of life I truly wanted. Being mindset and confidence coach for women and female entrepeneurs, I hear from countless women who are of the belief system, that there’s a “strategy” when it comes to having the mindset for success. But the truth is, we ALL have the capability & capacity to be  happy , fulfilled and successful in our own right, providing we are open to thinking differently. 

The Mindset mastery Challenge changed my life, I knew I was being held back by my own thoughts but had no idea how to change things. Who knew I would be able to not only find my mindset rest button but also press it take postive action. Making simple daily tasks and goals easier and enjoyiable... in just 3 days. Thank you Bianca, my desire is that every woman experiences the life clarity that this challenge offers, it really is life chaging stuff." 
-Marie Kline
Over the 3 DAYS of our group coaching challenge. I'm going to support you, to learning that a robust can do mindset, is something that’s available to everyone, & yes my lovely, that's including you.
My 3 practical challenges, will provide you with the opportunity to shift your mindset from one that holds you back, to one that empowers you to confidently go after your dreams & make your big goals achievable. 

I'm so excited for you, because if you allow yourself to get involved, & break though your visibility & vulnerability fears. You my lovely, really will be unstoppable!
The challenge aims to hone in on your vision, identify your goals, & explore your options to take positive & realistic actions. All in the comfort of the safe & supportive  M|MK Coaching Mindset Mastery secret Facebook group, in just 3 days with women who are all equally on the same journey of personal development, success & fulfillment.

 "I’ve learnt a lot and, I feel inspired and like I can actually begin to manifest my ideas, rather than just think of them."
-Kelly Hopkinson 

It will be a time of  being vulnerable, mind-stretching, thinking introspectively, sharing, being visible, learning lots about yourself whilst, feeling accomplished, supported, encouraged, and above all things, get clear on your goals. 

The date of the next M|MK Coaching Mindset Mastery Challenge begins on Monday 22nd July 2019, taking place online in our exclusive secret group on Facebook. To join the 11th season of my FREE 3-Day Mindset Mastery group coaching life-changing challenge click here.

Increase your belief in yourself, push yourself out of your comfort zone, & step into your power with the M|MK Coaching Mindset Mastery in 2019...


Because you deserve it!

See you in the exclusive group.