Meet The Coach

Bianca Chappell is an NLP Life & Business Coach and Third Sector Consultant. Dedicating her coaching services to supporting mums in enterprise, and women working in the voluntary sector, all on the brink of transformational positive change. Women ready to live a happier and more fulfilled life, as an authentic and best version of themselves, in both life and or business. If you are a woman ready to 'Step Into Their Power' and reboot your mindset for personal success, then you have come to the right website!

Bianca is also the proud Founder of The Mumpreneurs|MK Network, the UK's first non-profit organisation, supporting the entrepreneurial journey of mums in enterprise, and personal development journey of women in the community, Est since 2012. Complimented by a high engagement Facebook Community, supporting over 1.3K mums in enterprise. Click here to join the Mumpreneurs|MK Network Facebook tribe. 

Bianca is a woman who is not only deeply passionate about supporting the emotional wellbeing of mums in enterprise, but the development journey of women working within the voluntary sector too.

"There is a huge forgotten population of women who are desperately trying to find the balance, & separate themselves between their personal & professional personas. As well as working towards their dreams & desires. Many doing so whilst they build their business from the ground up. And within the third sector, as community development workers, committee members or the brains behind local charities. Giving back to their communities and working at a grassroots level to make a difference and boot social impact. This is exactly the type of women I dedicate my coaching  & consultancy practice too." - Bianca Chappell

With a career spanning over 15 years working in the development of SME businesses and the third sector, Bianca's has a wealth of knowledge to offer you. All complimented by her highly skilled, bespoke, experience, personable, creative, fun, fresh, relaxed yet productive approach to coaching and consultancy, you are in safe hands. All M:MK Coaching services, sessions, programs, and mastermind intensives are delivered with the aim of unlocking the tools for women to become more effective, and ultimately a more productive and motivated to attain goals, and live life as a happier more fulfilled version of their true authentic self.

"I believe Coaching is a confidential union between the Coach & their Client, as a Coach I respect that, & will continually give the power back to my clients. Ultimately you have the answers to all your questions, challenges, barriers, & limiting beliefs in your life. Even if the answers appear to be cloudy, obscured or hidden away. It's my job as your Coach, to support you to demystify those mindset clouds & guide you to your moment of Ta-Dah! Complimented by confidence & clarity to do holding you accountable to take action, leaving you feeling empowered, inspired & fabulous!"

As a Master Life Coach who works with both high profile women in the media and ordinary women ready to do extraordinary things with their lives, Bianca is not a substitute for a Business Adviser, Therapist or Councillor. She is simply a well seasoned and accomplished Life & Business Coach, who has dedicated time to understanding the transformational techniques of NLP coaching. Complimented with a Joint Honours BA Degree, and Teacher Of  The Life Long Learning Sector qualification.

"With my experience coaching internationally to both profile & ordinary women ready to do extraordinary things with their lives, I'm well equipped to support you on a journey of personal development" 

The M:MK Coaching sessions are typically delivered over the phone, or on some occasions in person. Bianca offers all prospective coaching clients a 15-minute complimentary 'Consultation Call'. Where together you can connect, to find out more about each other, identify support areas, and design a tailored M|MK Coaching timeline, for you to consider should you wish to work with Bianca thereafter.

"I understand that as women, mothers & female entrepreneurs, we often forget to water our own personal development & emotional garden, but always find the time, effort & energy to water others "

Bianca is known for being the Life Coach that supports ordinary women, to achieve extraordinary things with their life.