The 2018 Mumpreneur Retreat

I am delighted to announce that on Sunday 15th July between the hours of 10am until 2pm, I will be hosting another M|MK Coaching Mumpreneur Retreat. This will be a planning rebooting & business clarity retreat, offering Mumpreneurs the opportunity to plan, rest, relax, reboot, unplug, & recharge. 

The M|MK Coaching Mumpreneurs Retreat is for Mumpreneurs seeking the opportunity to connect with other mums in enterprise, who understand the importance of reserving time to take time out for themselves as the woman behind the business. To go on a journey of self-discovery to reconnect with their goals dreams & aspirations for not only their business but life also. Beautifully endorsed by a series of NLP based business clarity workshops, focusing on planning, goal setting & accountability. Complemented by a session focusing on the all-important 'Self Care' for Mumpreneurs.

Ok so let me set the scene...

Imagine taking time out of your busy life as a Mumpreneur to start the day arriving at the beautiful & peaceful Salt Cave Milton Keynes. Where you will literally exhale from the moment you walk in because the focus for your very reason for entering, is all about you & your well-being physically mentally & professionally. Moving into the first phase of the morning with a calming session of relaxing movement to awaken your tired limbs, & open your mind in preparation for clear thinking & restoration.
Moving onto enjoying a two-part series of group coaching NLP workshops designed to support you to think introspectively about how you can truly start living the life that you both desire & deserve, complimented by being supported to create a D.I.Y goal strategy that is clear, realistic & workable for your business. All whilst being supported by like-minded women & me, Bianca Chappell your life & business clarity NLP Coach for the day, who understands that when women come together great things happen.
This 2018 M|MK Coaching Mumpreneur Retreat, is a space for self-reflection, introspective thinking & clarity, whilst attending complimented by a series of workshops designed to support you in moving you, your life & or your business forward. The 2018 M|MK Coaching Mumpreneur Retreat will be a time of coaching mastery, reconnection, professional & personal development awakening. Sounds amazing right? The M|MK Coaching Mumpreneur Retreat is something you deserve to experience.

The M|MK Coaching retreat will be finished off, with an amazing rebooting 45 minute Salt Therapy session, inviting you to literally sit back in the beautiful & calming Salt Cave, where you will be given the chance to simply exhale, reflect, rest, relax, recharge, & reboot.  

The day will include:
A continental breakfast
A 30-minute movement in motion yoga class
A 'Self Care' workshop
An artisian lunch
An NLP 'Goal Setting' workshop
An empowerment & accountability session 
A 45-minute relaxation Salt Therapy session

I was delighted to tell you that about The 2018 M|MK Coaching Mumpreneur Retreat, now I am simply excited to tell you that the booking line is now open! I am only releasing this beautiful experience to a limited number of places, as I will be hosting the day with a cocoon coaching approach, allowing each & every woman who attends, the space to feel valued focused on.

To book your place on this retreat click here.

I really hope to see you at the retreat my lovely, remember you deserve this.