'Me Time' Retreats


I am delighted to announce that the next M:MK Coaching 'Me Time' retreat will be on Sunday 29th September between the hours of 10am until 2pm.

The 'Me Time' retreat is for women seeking the opportunity to connect with other women, who understand the importance of reserving time to take time out for themselves, to go on a journey of self-discovery to reconnect with their goals dreams & aspirations to become more happier and fulfilled. Beautifully complemented by two NLP based clarity coaching workshops, focusing on mindfulness, visualisation, aiding a process of identifying goals and creating an easy to follow actionable plan to make your goals achievable. beautifully complemented by pockets of uninterrupted rest and relaxation, allowing you time to simply exhale and reboot. 

Ok so let me set the scene...

Imagine taking time out of your busy life to start the day arriving at the beautiful & peaceful Salt Clinic MK. Where you will literally exhale from the moment you walk in because the focus for your very reason for entering, is all about you & your well-being physically mentally & emotionally. Moving into the first phase of the morning with a calming session of relaxing movement to awaken your tired limbs, & open your mind in preparation for clear thinking & restoration.

Moving onto enjoying a two-part series of group coaching NLP workshops designed to support you to think introspectively about how you can truly start living the life that you both desire & deserve, complimented by being supported to create a D.I.Y goal strategy that is clear, realistic & workable for you to follow post-retreat. All whilst being supported by like-minded women & me, Bianca Chappell your life & business clarity NLP Coach for the day, who understands that when women come together great things happen.

Limited £59 Early bird tickets are now LIVE! Click here to get yours!

This 2019 'Me Time' retreat, is a space for self-reflection, introspective thinking & clarity, complemented by a series of coaching workshops designed to support you in moving you, forward with the dreams goals and aspirations that you have for your life. This will be a time of coaching mindset mastery, reconnection, & personal development awakening. Sounds amazing right? The M|MK Coaching 'Me Time' Retreat is something you deserve to experience.

The retreat will be finished off, with an amazing rebooting 45 minute Salt Therapy session, inviting you to literally sit back in the beautiful & calming Salt Clinic MK treatment rooms, where you will be given the chance to simply exhale, reflect, rest, relax, recharge, & reboot.         


Salt therapy helps expand the airways by reducing inflammation, aiding clear breathing. Salt is a natural anti-inflammatory with healing properties that help soothe and reduce the symptoms of colds and flu, including blocked sinuses, sore throats, coughs, and breathlessness. Salt therapy helps to kill bacteria and their anti-pathogenic effects assist with eradicating the viruses that are often responsible for colds and chest infections. The calming and restoring salt therapy treatment process involves, sitting back and simply relaxing. While a halo generator which grinds and ionises pharmaceutical grade salt to micro-particles, to blows it into the air inside the treatment room.  Ceiling fans then create swirls in the air which keeps the salt particles constantly moving through the air, before being breathed, complemented by calming sounds of the sea, low lighting and comfy wrap around seats that will aid you into me time bliss.

The day will include:
  • A movement in motion class
  • An artisian lunch 
  • An NLP visualisation and mindfulness workshop
  • An NLP goal setting and accountability session workshop 
  • A 45-minute relaxation Salt Therapy session
I was delighted to tell you that about The 2019 M|MK Coaching 'Me Time' retreat, now I am simply excited to tell you that the booking line is now open! I am only releasing this beautiful experience to just 8 spaces, as I will be hosting the day with a cocoon coaching approach, allowing each & every woman who attends, the space to feel valued focused on.

SEPTEMBER Booking line is now open! Get your £59 here.

I really hope to see you at the retreat my lovely, remember you deserve this.