Fees & Qs

Frequently Asked Questions & Fees

How much is it to pay as I go?
There are two options for the M|MK Coaching Pay As You Go service:
Option 1. £85 per 60-minute session over the phone.
Option 2. £45 per 30-minute session over the phone. 
The M|MK Coaching Pay As You Go sessions are particularly popular with new clients who require coaching for concentrated pinch points of either life or business, & support for one-off troubleshooting personal or professional challenges. Equally popular with existing clients, who have come to the end of their transformational M|MK Coaching journey, & want to book additional Top-Up sessions. A complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call is required, for all prospective client wishing to book a Pay As You Go session, these sessions take place over the phone unless agreed otherwise. To schedule your complimentary call please click here.

How much will a series of  Life Coaching sessions cost?
The cost is £395 for a series of 4x 45-minute coaching call sessions, over a consecutive period of 4 weeks. This is a 4-week series of M|MK Coaching clarity sessions, focusing on mindset goals & accountability for life & or business.
A complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call is required, for prospective clients wishing to book a series of Clarity Coaching session, to schedule your complimentary call please click here.*The above price is based on 4x 45-minute weekly session.

How much will a series of  Business Coaching cost?  
The Business Clarity Bootcamp Programme is *£599 
Consisting of 6x 45-minute over the phone sessions for a consecutive period of 6 weeks. This programme is also open to in person sessions where possible.
This is an accountability, mindset transformation & business clarity coaching programme. Designed specifically for women who are serious about moving to the next level of their entrepreneurial journey. To learn more about this programme click here.

Week 1. Establishing your business goals and mindset pinch points
Week 2. Identifying your self-sabotaging habits & success blocks.
Week 3  Exploring your options & ways forward
Week 4. Visibility
Week 5. Accountability
Week 6. Building a business clarity action plan

The M|MK Coaching Business Clarity Bootcamp is open all year round to Mumpreneurs who are serious about not only developing their business but themselves too. It involves a high level of commitment, mentorship, NLP coaching & transformational mindset shifts. Guided by coaching that supports you to think & build your business like the CEO that you are!

A complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call is required, for prospective clients wishing to book onto the M|MK Coaching Business Clarity Bootcamp, these sessions take place over the phone unless agreed otherwise. To schedule your complimentary Discovery call please click here.
*The above price is based on 1x 45-minute weekly over the phone session.

Can I have a long term M|MK Coaching account?
Yes, you can! The price of a 2-month M|MK Coaching account is £899. 
Offering 1x 60-minute weekly coaching call session, (with a combination of both personal or professional coaching), over a consecutive period of 2 months. That is a package of 360 hours of coaching. This is a long-term coaching journey, for ordinary women really ready, to achieve extraordinary things with their lives. This option entitles M|MK Coaching account clients to have an exclusive block booking of 8x 60-minute weekly coaching sessions, over a consecutive period of 2 months. M|MK Coaching account clients will receive 4x 60-minute coaching call session a month, inclusive of access to instant messaging contact, throughout the duration of their account timeline.
*The above price is based on 1x 60 minute weekly coaching call, for a consective period of 2 months.

How will I receive my sessions?
Your M|MK Coaching sessions will take place over the phone, unless otherwise arranged.

Can I work with Bianca in person for a day?
Indeed it is possible to be coached by Bianca Chappell in-person, prices for a besoke 4-hour in-person M|MK Coaching V.I.P intensive session start at £999.00, this coaching service is  also avalible to international clients. To make a reques for an M|MK Coaching V.I.P Intensive Day, or to discuss an in-person coaching package, click here to send an email. 

How often are the sessions?
Once a week, however, it is possible to connect on a more frequent basis if you prefer.
*Subject to availability 

How long is a session? 
A series of M|MK Coaching sessions are booked based on 45 minutes per single session unless stated otherwise in a particular programme.

How do I proceed with purchasing an M|MK Coaching investment?
Your next steps are simple, click here to schedule your complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call or email support@mmkcoaching.co.uk & Ta-Dah! The start of your M|MK journey has begun.

Bianca is the Coach who supports ordinary women to do extraordinary things with their life because she knows that when women step out of the shadows... the world becomes a brighter place.

*Please note all M|MK Coaching programmes, services & packages are non-refundable at the point of sale & returned contract. No discretion is given to refund money paid, once an M|MK Coaching product, service or programme has been purchased. M|MK Coaching prices are subject to change without announcement, fixed prices will be honoured at the point of issued contract. M|MK Coaching does not outsource clients to external Coaches, all clients are coached by Bianca Chappell personally, with sessions being confirmed subject to availability. A waiting list may be applied for programmes & packages.