Apart from supporting my Clients on their coaching programmes, another area of my job that I highly enjoy is public speaking, guest blogging & media interviews.

If you have an opportunity you would like to discuss, can I invite you to connect with me by the means below.

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I am so delighted to be able to host an amazing NLP group coaching club for woman ready to uplevel their life, reconnect with their true signature self personally & professionally, wear their invisible crown daily, & 'Step Into Their Power!' to become the best version of themselves, to live a happier more fulfilled life.

As a highly acclaimed Life & Business Clarity Coach, I committed to supporting women who know that waving the white flag & getting support is OK, so The M|MK Coaching Collective is here to make 'self-help' chic again & more importantly give women permission to go for their dreams & reconnect with their inner sparkle. With monthly clubs workshops & sessions in both Milton Keynes & London Mayfair.

I am a true believer that when women come together great things happen, & with my experience of coaching women across the UK to date, I am pretty proud of my reputation of being known as the Coach that is able to make ordinary women achieve extraordinary things!

So how does it all work I hear you ask? Well, it is so simple, The M|MK Coaching Collective is an NLP group coaching club that will meet throughout the month for coffee, croissants. Where I will host beautiful deep dive group coaching NLP workshops, focusing on specific themes to up-level your mindset. Supporting you to really think introspectively about who you are, what you want to achieve & how you are going to do it. Attending the NLP workshops are another little added luxury to the collective, as it will also be complemented by a private online group, where all members of The M|MK Coaching Collective can engage, be empowered, supported & motivated one inspirational post at a time. Building a community of support & encouragement to support your personal development journey.

The M|MK Coaching Collective NLP group coaching workshops is an extension of the M|MK Coaching Mindset Makeover programme, where the aim is to support you to up-level your life, starting with a reboot of an NLP mindset makeover. The M|MK Coaching Collective is a woman to woman community full of support, empowerment & motivation, providing support for women who can attend our monthly coaching workshops. To join our Facebook community & to keep up to date with all the upcoming dates of NLP workshops in our Milton Keynes or London Mayfair clubs, join the M|MK Coaching Collective Facebook Group community simply click here
Remember when women come together great things happen, & so being associated to an NLP group  coaching club for women, where you can pay as you go, hosted by a great Life Coach like me, with a reputation for making ordinary women, achieve extraordinary things mean you can & deserve to start living the life you desire too.

See you at one of our monthly group coaching workshops soon.