The M|MK Coaching Retreat

I am delighted to announce that I will be hosting another M|MK Coaching Retreat in 2018. This will be a rebooting & clarity retreat, offering Mumpreneurs the opportunity to plan, rest, relax, reboot, unplug, & recharge. 

The M|MK Coaching Retreat is for Mumpreneurs seeking the opportunity to connect with other mums in enterprise, & ultimately reserve time to take time out for themselves as the woman behind the business, & go on a journey of self-discovery as they reconnect with their goals dreams & aspirations for not only their business but life also.

Ok so let me set the scene... Imagine taking time out of your busy life as Mum & Mumpreneur to start the day arriving at the beautiful & peaceful Salt Cave Milton Keynes, where you will literally exhale from the moment you walk in because the focus for your very reason for entering, is all about you & your well-being physically mentally & professionally. Moving into the first phase of the morning with a calming session of relaxing movement to awaken your tired limbs, & open your mind in preparation for clear thinking & restoration.
Before enjoying a series of group coaching NLP workshops designed to support you to think introspectively about how you can truly start living the life that you both desire & deserve complimented by a business plan that is clear, realistic & workable. All whilst being supported by like-minded women & me, Bianca Chappell your life & business NLP Coach for the day who understands that when women come together great things happen.

The M|MK Coaching Mumpreneur Retreat is a space for self-reflection, introspective thinking & clarity, whilst attending a series of workshops designed to support you in moving you, your life & or your business forward. The 2018 M|MK Coaching Mumpreneur Retreat will be a time of coaching mastery, reconnection, professional & personal development awakening. Sounds amazing right? The M|MK Coaching Mumpreneur Retreat is something you deserve to experience.


I was delighted to tell you that about The M|MK Coaching Mumpreneur Retreat, now I am simply excited to tell you that the booking line is now open! I am only releasing this beautiful experience to a limited number of places, as I will be hosting the day with a cocoon coaching approach, allowing each & every woman who attends, the space to feel valued focused on.

To learn more about the schedule of the retreat & to book your early bird discounted ticket click here.

I really hope to see you at the retreat my lovely, remember you deserve this.   vv