Confidence Coaching

  1. Confidence coaching helps women who are tied down and stuck by their lack of self-esteem, shyness, limiting beliefs and fear

1. A mindful approach for clarity and calm, supporting you to notice and change problematic thinking patterns surrounding self-esteem and lack of confidence. 
2. An approach that focuses on thoughts and beliefs that affects feelings and behaviours.

As your confidence coach, I will empower you by challenging you to identify and explore the doubts and perceptions that are holding you back in a meaningful and constructive way.

An M:MK confidence coaching session, is a wonderful way to get clear on your thoughts, feelings beliefs and attitudes, to understand yourself better. Developing a deeper understanding of options to approach daily emotionally challenging situations with confidence clarity and calm.

Confidence coaching focuses not on what happens to us, but on how we think about what happens to us and how we behave as a result of the way we think. It takes a look a whether our thinking and behaviours are helping our situation or keeping us stuck in unhelpful thought processes. Confidence coaching will support you to look at how you can change the way you think and act as a result, in a more positive way.

As your confidence coach, I will support you on a journey of embracing new thinking and behaviours, introducing new ways of thinking and behaving that may have not seemed clear and obvious before, but can be life-changing once understood. 
As women, we spend a lot of time, trying to work through the struggles of managing the daily challenges of low self esteem and lack of confidence, trying to figure out how to feel better about ourselves, believing if we could just "be more confident", everything will be ok" sound familiar?. But did you know, that even the women you admire because they appear to "be really confident", struggle with the challenges of negative inner mind chatter too?  

As a Coach, I speak with many women who all at one point in time have become emotionally stuck by negative feelings, limiting self talk, victims of self sabotaging behaviours, and emotions that do not serve them, ultimately becoming stuck in the mindset fog of "if only I could... or I wish I was...".

Happiness, confidence, and fulfillment are dependent not on what happens the way we look act or behave, but on the thought and belief systems, followed by the behaviours we display as a result. This is what M:MK confidence coaching sessions will support you to do in a positive way, 

I take pride in supporting the women I have the privilege of coaching, to embrace new ways of thinking to adopt a new positive and fresh approach to perceptions and perspectives to develop unshakable and authentic confidence. A skill that can be life-enhancing when mastered.

How do I proceed with purchasing this M:MK Coaching program?

Your next steps are simple, simply email 
to make a request for a complimentary 15-minute consultation call,
and I will be in contact to schedule a complimentary call with you to 
discuss further.
*Please note Bianca Chappel is not a licensed clinical psychologist or healthcare provider, and will not 
engage in giving medical advice or a mental health diagnosis. The M:MK Coaching CBT coaching sessions are 
not for clients in need of mental health crisis intervention or councilling.