Consultancy Services

I often get asked for advice and recommendations, which is very different from my Life and Business coaching services. So I am delighted to be able to offer a consultancy service, to a handpicked selection of clients annually. Who is seeking professional advice, to gaine clarity on their conundrums.

A consultant is simply an individual who provides expert advice, and are hired in an advisory capacity, who are not held accountable for the outcome of a project, unlike a Project Manager.

Historically my consultancy service, have included:  
  • Business plans
  • Strategic planning
  • Business expansion  
  • Organisational structures
  • Masterminding a new business idea
  • Growth, developments and sustainability 
  • Governance and policies for organisational structures
  • Improving or exploring a specific component of a client’s business
This is a 1:1 service, is invoiced at an hourly rate of £99pp, booked in two hourly slots at a time. An additional fee of £25pp per hour will be added for sessions with more than one business representative. 

*Please note there is a current waiting list of approximately 4 weeks for my 

M|MK Coaching Business Consultancy services.  

How do I proceed with booking an M|MK Coaching Business Consultancy Session?
Your next steps are simple, simply email to make a request for a free 15  minute consultation call, and I will be in contact to schedule a complimentary call with you to discuss further.

Please be aware that I only take on 10 consultancy clients within a 12-month annual period, I do not outsource my client to external coaching or consultancy services, all clients work directly with me. As a result, I work with a client waiting list, for my M|MK Coaching & Consultancy service. Clients will only be taken onto my books, subject to availability. Fees are subject to change without announcement.