Client Love

"I recently took part in Bianca’s 3 day Mindset Challenge. It made me stop in my busy world and think about who I am, what’s great about me , and how I should nurture that - it is so easy to forget what we are great at. It made me think about my goals , giving me clarity and focus. I would most definitely recommend Bianca and the challenge. Bianca is an inspiration to us woman . Thank you ! x"
-Sonia Roberts

"Bianca is a fantastic coach. I had a couple of coaching sessions with her, which really helped me to think about my next steps. I also participated in the 3 day Mindset Mastery Challenge, which took me out of my comfort zone and helped me to clarify my goals. I would absolutely recommend Bianca for her coaching sessions."
-Niki CE

"I had the fortunate opportunity to have a consultation with Bianca a few weeks ago. She is one of the most genuine, intelligent and charismatic people I have had an interaction with. She is very well versed in her subject matter, yet empathetic on a personal level and speaks with candour about her own experiences. Despite having established her own successful business, she remains committed to the cause of 'doing good and making good', as I say. She made a huge impact on me, and I can highly recommend her services, whatever stage of your career you need advice in.
Thank you so much Bianca, I learnt so much from you, mostly about myself - best wishes"
-Salma Hssain

"I recently concluded my business coaching sessions with M|MK Coaching, and wow! I never expected such a connection with a Coach, Bianca just gets it, and really got me. It's like she was inside my head digging out the answers that were already deep down in there. I have a renewed motivation to carry on and grow my business, pages of notes and plans to put into action, and honestly, all aspects of my life will improve as a result of these sessions. I will miss the chats (although they were so much more than this) and know that I'm only finished 'for now', I will have no hesitation to ask for further help when I need it. I wholeheartedly recommend M|MK Coaching and Bianca, if you are not running your business at your full potential, she will put you on the right path!" 
-Carli Wall

"Absolutely loved my coaching sessions with Bianca. As a mum and a business owner, it's not often that people understand the ups and downs and mental struggles that you may encounter on your journey. Bianca not only reassured me but also understood me which made the world of difference. Her friendly caring personality enables you to be honest with her and get the best out of every session. I would 100% recommend her to every mother and female business owner out there."
-Elisha Jobbins
"I had the pleasure of attending a group coaching session with Bianca today and to say it was a great experience would be an understatement. Bianca demonstrates not only a first-rate knowledge of her subject, but she delivers the session with empathy and understanding, helping us to understand what's really going on and how we can move forward. The session was held at The Salt Cave in Old Stratford, which was a lovely touch, showing how much Bianca cares about her clients and colleagues and wants them to maximise the benefit of the session."
-Elaine. Ashton

"I feel very grateful for having the opportunity to complete the 3 day Mindset Mastery Challenge recently with Bianca. I was so unsure of myself, lacking direction and motivation and had lost my sense of self worth. I only realised all these things when I was given the space and support to explore what I truly wanted, what my next steps were and how I was going to achieve my goals. I absolutely loved being part of a mini-community of like-minded women and felt safe to share (via live videos which I'd never dreamed of doing before!) my vision and celebrating my successes for once. I not only feel excited about my new business (with added drive and determination), but I am also excited about my future life with my beautiful girls. Bianca, with your help and guidance, that overwhelmed feeling has gone and in its place is happiness, love and an understanding that the best is still to come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the sparkle in my mind."
-Kelly Hopkinson     

"A chance conversation with a friend lead me to a mindset mastery class with Bianca. I was a little unsure how much I could change in 3 days (truthfully I didn't believe there was that much I needed to as work was going reasonably OK) but this course totally blew my mind. 
I have refocused my priorities to what is right for me, my family and my business. I feel so positive and energised about the future and am looking forward to continuing with Bianca as a coach. If you are ever unsure that you need a coach I would say try it - you will be amazed."
-Nicola. Case

"I have got loads from my fab coaching sessions with Bianca. I wasn't sure whether to take the plunge and go for it with my business, and with Bianca's guidance she got me to question what I really wanted from my life and has helped me to build up my confidence as a Mumpreneur. It's been a great experience and I'd highly recommend her to anybody that needed help at any stage in their business. Thank you so much Bianca."
-Rachel Allen

"I took part in an online mindset mastery group. It was great. Took me out of my comfort zone which was good as it has given me new ideas and perspectives. I will definitely be taking part in future events Bianca runs as she genuinely cares about our business."
 -Natlie Knight

"Thank You Bianca for being just so damn amazing and great at your job! You've helped me flipped a switch in my mind that has been on locked down off too long. I've done many courses to combat my fear of public speak but nothing has helped if anything I got worst. But in just 2 weeks you've got me to achieve the impossible, now I'm sitting in shock that I've been interview BBC News Oxford and featured in their mumpreneur report today on tv. One of my fav things about Bianca is that she's so easy to talk to and really listens! I will be working with Bianca for the foreseeable future. If like me a few months ago, you're debating whether to work with Bianca. My advice is 'Just do it', don't be like me and regret not getting in touch with her sooner."
-Linh Vih

"I recently did a 3 day mindset mastery course with Bianca. She really knows how to put someone outside of their comfort zone in a good way. She's very supportive and very easy to talk to - she really makes you think about what you want and how to go about achieving it. The mindset mastery course is set up to make you visualise where you want your life to be and put things in place to make that happen - I'm really glad I followed it through and didn't chicken out of doing it!! Thanks, Bianca - I won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a coach!"
-Patrice Cummings

Thank you so much for all your help and inspiration. A fabulous session, enabling us to focus on where we want to go with our business and making us look from the outside in. Seeing our business in a new light. 
-Kim Turner

"Bianca has a brilliant ability to make you feel more positive, to help you realise what's holding you back and give you the support and encouragement needed to make positive change. She's funny, practical and warm in her approach, making it easy to be honest and get to the heart of the matter. Thank you my lovely." 
Catherine O'donnell

"I've had some solid and insightful coaching sessions with Bianca - she was just the perfect shoulder to lean on for support and direction. I came away with a Santa Claus bag full of snazzy ideas for my venture. She has the ability to penetrate both you and your business in milliseconds- she just gets it! She spots the opportunities and potential hurdles and summons her wealth of experience to coach you through them. I look forward to a continued business relationship with this vibrant and jovial gal. She is the business bestie you probably never had and the one every woman deserves!"
-Simone Arthur

"Bianca's enthusiasm for success is infectious! She is a talented coach who really knows how to bring out the best in you. Your future self will thank you for working with her!"
-Katie Price

"I met with this wonderful lady a few days ago and WOW what an amazing lady, I have come away with total clarity and confidence that the way I'm living my life, my values, my goals are all perfect for me. It was a pleasure to be speaking to another strong woman who was there with my best interest in mind, I have to say it was like chatting with an old friend but with the total confidence I could bare my soul and it would go no further, I can't wait for our next meeting."
-K.aren Budd

"I have had the pleasure of working with Bianca Chappell over the past year, and believe that Bianca is not only an amazing coach but an inspiring and motivating leader in her field. In a short space of time she has really made a difference and helped inspire so many women; mums and businesswomen alike; myself being one of them. Bianca has really helped me personally and professionally through coaching sessions on my journey as a photographer, & I am hugely grateful for her support, wisdom and guidance.  My sessions with Bianca really helped to give me the confidence and drive to do what I do, and my business & confidence has grown so much as a consequence, so I am hugely grateful. Bianca has created something very special; a supportive, inspiring and motivating community of women; for mums and businesswomen; and her organisation, both on and off-line has made a huge impact. Her leadership qualities and desire to help women achieve their goals is incredible, Bianca truly does make a difference to so many women."
-Catherine O'donnell

"What an hour and a half of this ladies time can do! Bianca is an amazing speaker, mentor and guidance and really is an expert in her field! Her warm but professional demeanour means you are at ease whilst getting invaluable advice and support and she really keeps it to the point which is rare! I am so grateful to have connected with Bianca and will definitely be seeking out her mentorship in the future! Amazing lady with an amazing community."
-Claire White