Business Clarity Bootcamp


noun: clarity

1. The quality of being clear, in particular:
2. The quality of being coherent and intelligible.
"for the sake of clarity, each of these strategies is dealt with separately"

Are you struggling to see your business with clarity? 

Do you know what you want to achieve in business, but frustrated that it has not happened yet?

Are you eager to get the BEST out of your business, so that it gets to a point where it starts to finally work for you?

Are you held back by your limiting beliefs?

Are you ready to start thinking outside the box, & step out of your comfort zone?

Are you in need of a business confidence top up, workload focus, business clarity, & direction?

Are you ready to stand accountable for your own success?

If your answer was yes! Fab The M|MK Coaching Business Clarity Bootcamp Programme is for the serious business woman ready to step into their power just like you!

The M|MK Coaching Business Clarity Bootcamp is a goals, actions and accountability programme. Designed to support you to step outside your comfort zone and hold you accountable with NLP talking therapy and actionable weekly tasks.

This programme is inclusive of 6 modules focusing on:

Module 1. Establishing your business goals
Module 2. Identifying your business pinch points & success blocks.
Module 3  Mindset & visibility
Module 4. Strategies & Automation
Module 5. Accountability & empowerment
Module 6. Business clarity action plan

Enrollment onto the M|MK Coaching Business Clarity Bootcamp is open all year round to Mumpreneurs who are serious about not only developing their business but themselves too. It involves a high level of commitment, mentorship, & transformational mindset shifts. Guided by coaching that supports you to think & build your business like the CEO that you are! 

How do I proceed with purchasing this M|MK Coaching programme?
So you are ready to take the first step in investing in yourself? Well, in that case, my lovely. let me be the first one to congratulate you! A complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call is required, for a perspective client wishing to book onto the M|MK Coaching Business Clarity Bootcamp, to schedule your call please click here.