Business Coaching

Business Coaching is a bespoke one to one programme aimed specifically at accelerating the success of the Mumpreneur engaging competency clarity & confidence in the process, gaining  support encouragement & accountability  helping you deliver higher performance.

1.Business Coaching guides and assists the woman behind the business to clarify her vision set goals & step out of her comfort zone to make her entrepreneurial desires achievable

The M|MK Coaching Business Clarity Bootcamp is a goals, actions, and accountability program, designed to support you to step outside your comfort zone, and hold you accountable with actionable weekly coaching, to get you thinking like the CEO that your business needs you to be.

This business coaching program is inclusive of 4 weekly modules focusing on:

Week 1. The woman behind the business

In this module, I will use the method of talking therapy, to deep dive into your mindset. Together we will explore...
Your business "why".
Your mindset pinch points.
Any struggles you may have with Imposter Syndrome.
Your self-sabotaging habits & success blocks.

Week 2.  The journey
In this module, we will look at ways to start taking positive action on your business. Together we will explore and identify...
Your options & ways forward to help you grow.
Creating your bespoke business development pathway.
Week 3. Your signature business
In this module, we will explore and identify...
Your core offers, products or services.
Your ideal client.
How your business can become more visible.
Week 4. Creating the blueprint
In this module, we will identify and explore all the elements required to deliver a business clarity action plan. We will...
Creating a strategy model
Create an easy to follow project plan schedule, that lights you up! To support you to take positive action in your business. 

The M|MK Coaching Business Clarity Bootcamp is for women in enterprise, who are serious about not only developing their business but themselves too. It involves a high level of weekly commitment, exploration of one's self, & accountability to truly see transformational mindset shifts. Guided by weekly coaching, that supports you to build the sustainable business you are capable of achieving & deserve!