Confidence is about self-love

Since becoming a mummy my body has changed significantly, gone were the days where I could wear no bra & still have boobs that were round, firm & perked. A bum that made Beyonce's look average and an hourglass figure that made a sand timer look shapeless. Over the last 9 years my body has been a cosy baby oven home to 5 babies, but only birthed 2, my boobs were a source of food & comfort to my son until he was 3.5 years old (I loved breastfeeding please don't judge me). My stomach has a million stretch marks, (like a tiger I earned my stripes) my gynaecological problems often make me bloated, & I have experienced the trauma of stress-related hair loss.

BUT 3 years ago I made the decision to celebrate me more, accept the things I can not change, honor the traumas as part of my story & fall back in love with me.
Ok so even us confidence coaches, need to work on our confidence daily! It has not been an easy journey, it has not been without personal challenge.
But my biggest realisation is that it is easier to stay stuck and paralysed by negative emotions than it is to make the decision to take back the control, step out of the comfort zone & love yourself again, knowing that you are enough JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.
Fast forward to today, some may say it's cocky & way to confident but I BLOODY LOVE MYSELF like never before! Mindset work has taught me to see things from another perspective...

I love my saggy boobs, they helped me feed nourish & comfort two amazing little people. Some women have to have theirs removed, so I'm grateful for mine.
My stretch marks are a constant reminder of the amazing ability to make grow, carry & birth children, some women would love them, so I am grateful for my pregnancy souvenir.
My bum may not be a perked as it once was, but my hubbles loves it, and it fills out a pair of bridget jones knickers perfectly, making me feel comfortable. So I'm grateful for mine.
My weak patchy hair no longer has to be hidden under a wig, it grown back healthy curly & strong. I love my new crown so much, I don't want to upset it with any heat or chemicals. So I'm grateful for my afro.
I may not have an hourglass figure anymore, but who cares! My body has two arms & two legs so I'm grateful for mine.
You see my biggest most powerful learning over the last 3 years of self-acceptance, is that I AM ENOUGH JUST THE WAY I AM. It has been life-changing stuff, I couldn't give two hoots what people think of me if I like it & I'm happy that's all that matters.
You see, confidence isn't about how we look, what we have, where we go, how much money we have, what we drive, the size of our house, our job title, designer clothes, makeup, hairstyles the list goes on.
Confidence is about self-love, acceptance, gratitude, perspective... & above all having the courage to reframe the mindset & step out of our comfort zones if all the above is not in place. When we do this, we automatically & very naturally feel better, more positive & comfortable to just be who we are authentically.
Being a Confidence Coach for women is something I do, & do very well because I have road-tested all that I teach. I literally am what I do, I am not one of the woo woo Coaches that speak hogwash. I help & support real women with real tried & tested ways that will help you become happier & more fulfilled with yourself. I adore this work, it literally gives me life, fulfillment & happiness.
Here is a recent picture of me, hubbles & I was invited to a wedding by the coast, so we made a long weekend of it. Being a mummy on the go all the time, I rarely get a chance to spend time getting dressed up. It's usually a rushed half hour before we head out the door job! But during this beautiful Mr & Mrs. Chappell weekend, with our masterpieces at their grandparents. I had the chance to really dress up for me, so I chose a fun little number that dressed my perfectly imperfect body well & I felt great.
There is nothing better than celebrating you, all that you are, all that you have been & all that you will go on to do. The good the bad & the bits in between.

So today I'm inviting you to be honest, share below your thoughts from this post, How did it make you feel? Did it resonate? Do you have anything to share? Because if there is anything that I can support you with I promise I will.