The M:MK Coaching 'Me Time' Retreat

I am delighted to announce that on Sunday 29th September between the hours of 10am until 2pm, I will be hosting another women's 'Me Time' retreat, offering women the opportunity to relax, refresh and rechargeThe 'Me Time' retreat is for women seeking the opportunity to connect with other women, who understand the importance of reserving time to take time out for themselves, to go on a journey of self-discovery to reconnect with their goals dreams & aspirations to become more happier and fulfilled. Beautifully complemented by two NLP based clarity coaching workshops, focusing on mindfulness, visualisation, aiding a process of identifying goals and creating an easy to follow actionable plan to make your goals achievable. beautifully complimented by pockets of uninterrupted rest and relaxation, allowing you time to simply exhale and reboot. 

To learn more about this retreat click here.

The day will include:
  • A movement in motion class
  • An artisian lunch.
  • An NLP visualisation and mindfulness workshop.
  • An NLP goal setting and accountability session workshop. 
  • A 45-minute relaxation Salt Therapy session.
I was delighted to tell you that about The 2019 M|MK Coaching 'Me Time' retreat, now I am simply excited to tell you that the booking line is now open! I am only releasing this beautiful experience to just 8 spaces, as I will be hosting the day with a cocoon coaching approach, allowing each & every woman who attends, the space to feel valued focused on.

I really hope to see you at the retreat my lovely, remember you deserve this!