Technology is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it is a brilliant tool that keeps us connected with one another from around the world. With just a few scrolls on Instagram, we can see what our friends, family & role models are up to, even if they live continents away. On the other hand, all this exposure can lead to not just connecting & celebrating, but comparing & criticizing. If we are not careful our ability to stay informed can become a platform for our own insecurities.
It’s easy to compare ourselves, isn't it? We see other people’s successes, & we all too quickly become reminded of our own failures. We see someone’s break-through & impatience infiltrates our hopes. We can see someone else’s abilities & quickly question if we have what it takes to accomplish the dreams desires & aspirations in our hearts.
Daring to be your true authentic self & not an imitation of someone else is life changing stuff girls! Because the truth is this...
You don’t have to waste time trying to look like someone else or have someone else’s style.
You don't have to live under the pressure of trying to be the perfect mum, wife or woman that society tells us we should be either.
You don’t have to adapt your giftings to copycat someone else’s life design according to their social media account.
Because you... yes you reading this right now are an original, fearfully beautifully & wonderfully made. So dare to be a standout, as one of a kind, believe you have been specifically, crafted with unique qualities, gifts, personality traits, experiences, & nuances that make you YOU!
You are an amazing woman, don't ever ever forget that.