If you know what it is to feel overwhelmed #RealTalk👍or not, I know you have experienced this mindstate at one point or another. It happens to the best of us, its called life, you are not alone babe.
🧠Sometimes feeling overwhelmed can lead to isolation, retreating, saying or doing things out of character, confusion on next steps & feeling alone. 
Often I speak with clients who bravely share their experiences of what I call self-sabotaging behaviors. I remind them, we have all been there, even I as a Coach, (yes even us working in the helping profession experience overwhelm) we are not exempt, or superhuman. Even with all the knowledge and qualifications that lead to me being an NLP Master Life Coach. I still become a victim of overwhelm, but! I don't stay captivated by it for long, why?

💡Well because I have learned that is a mind state that is easier to manage than we think, with simple tools, and daily practices that we can all do to support rebalancing and bring about calm clarity and move forward. 
Here are a few things you can do to ease pressure and move forward, tried and tested easy to do "stuff" that with consistency brings results.

💭Remember, new practices develop into new behaviors. New behaviors develop into new practices. New practices develop into the ability to take control of mindstate, giving you confidence and power. 
It's easier to do than you think.