I was interviewed yesterday afternoon for a PR piece celebrating inspirational women, & was asked this question...
"Bianca, you have reached admirable levels of success within what you call #MumpreneurLand, inspiring many women & many more women to come. We would love to know who inspires you?"
My three-part answer came out my mouth with ease, confidence & pride as it has done for many years now, it was...
"My-mum is the biggest inspiration to me, she has taught me how to be a strong mummy & a powerful woman in business, why? Because that is who she is... effortlessly!"
The women I meet within my coaching practice & my Mumpreneur tribe say I inspire them... the truth is they are my inspiration!
Finally, I believe the essential fundamentals of Womanhood is having the ability to know that being different is not the key to confidence, but having the ability to simply be you is! When a woman decides to defy the social expectations of who society molds her to be, she becomes a force to be reckoned with. She knows that being her true authentic self creates a confidence that she is able to wear confidently becoming her own icon that shines a light to those who choose to see it. Just like the beautiful Gabrielle Chanel Founder of CHANEL. Her words, her style, & her whole ideology of who a woman is & the power we have, I'm talking about real woman like you & I. 
That is what inspires me.