Goals & Resolutions

Goals & resolutions are a funny old thing.

For some they are a motivator, for others they can sap energy & add pressure or overwhelm. But the truth is, we all need a focus in life, focus gives purpose that once achieved. Offers happiness & fulfilment.

In the M|MK Coaching Practice I like to reframe words to support clients to feel more comfortable with their meaning. Helping my ladies to feel relaxed & confident, to embarking on the work required for their personal & professional development journey.

So if you feel a sense of pressure with the word 'Goals' or 'Resolutions'. Let's change the mindset to thinking about the things you 'need more' or ' need less' of in your life. This is a perfect little exercise to start your New 2019 journals with. You will be amazed at how a little shift in your mindset, can change your perception & motivate you to reach new achievements.

It's 2018, the start of 12 new chapters of your life, offering you 365 new opportunities. How about making opportunity number #1, your chance to identify the things you need, & get clarity on the things that no longer serve you.

Use the worksheet below to guide this time of introspective thinking. Feel free to inbox me with any Qs this exercise may evoke, I would love to hear from you.