My Jack Harvey London... The legacy.

There is nothing I love more than meeting amazing Mumpreneurs, so when I had the privilege of connecting with the phenomenal mum in enterprise Rubina Hussain, the brains behind the luxury brand Jack Harvey London & XPRESSON MANICURE, I knew she was going to hold a seat on my inspirational women's list!

I am always fascinated by the 'Why' of the business of the Mumpreneurs that I meet, & am always inspired by the answers. In my experience of coaching & interviewing Mumprneurs the why behind the business is historically in connection with their personal journey of motherhood. For Rubina there was an extra dash of sparkle to her entrepreneurial journey & rise of her empires that blew me away.

There is something rather special about Rubina Hussain & her ability to have built two empires around a journey of both passion & compassion for her sisters battle with Cancer. Creating two brands that are more than just sustainable empires, but two phenomenally inspiring legacies.

I am thrilled to be reconnecting with Rubina to host a M|MK Coaching featured interview, as part of a YouTube series titled The Rise Of The Super Mumpreneur & the 'Woman Behind The Business' series. To showcase the mindset proving that with even the smallest dash of self belief even in the midst of heartache, as women we really are unstoppable!

There is such a beautiful brand story behind Rubinas entrepreneurial journey, full of inspiration legacy & empowerment that I can not wait to share with you all.

In the meantime I invite you to indulge on the full range of Jack Harvey London products including a divine collection of long lasting luxury scented reed diffusers, scented candles & room sprays, not forgetting the stunning fine jewellery collection by clicking here.