Lucy Choi #SuperMumpreneur

It was an absolute delight to meet Super Mumpreneur Lucy Choi niece to the legendary shoe designer Jimmy Choo, at her prestigious London boutique Lucy Choi London. To talk about the great Mum V Mumpreneur balance, & her rise as a Super Mumpreneur.

I am delighted to be meeting with the inspiring Lucy Choi again to interview her as part of the 'Woman Behind The Business' series. Sharing with you pearls of wisdom, full of inspiration & motivation to support your entrepreneurial journey.

It is such an honour to connect with a collective of highly acclaimed Mumpreneurs, as I travel around #MumpreneurLand coaching & attending fabulous events showcasing their empires. Meeting the founders of businesses, many internationally known & many on their way to the top, waving the flag proudly as not only successful business women, but business women raising babies too!

As a Coach for women focusing on mums in enterprise, I am proud to be celebrating not only the women behind the businesses but their ability to be doing so whilst being mum, proving that as mothers we really can have it all. Raise babies & build empires making a fantastic contribution to the world in more ways than one.