Dreams don't work unless you do...

I have news for you lovelies, your dreams will not work unless you do. If you're NOT receiving what you expected from your business , it's worth stopping & simply asking yourself this simple question.

"What do I need to do to make this work?"

Be prepared to have to step out of your comfort zone, look outside the box & work harder than you have ever worked in your business before.

It's going to be tough.
It's going to mean working even longer hours. 
It's going to mean learning new skills.
It's going to mean researching.
It's going to mean outsourcing 
It's going to mean being more visible. 
It's going to mean taking risks.
It's going to mean trying new things. 
It's going to mean investing in support. 
It's going to mean sacrificing. 
It's going to mean being honest with yourself.
It's going to mean you will feel overwhelmed. 
It's going to mean you will feel anxious.
And guess what lovely, that is all ok!

If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got. This Mumpreneur journey is not an easy one, but if you work hard, & don't become complacent with your ways of working, it will be soooooo worth it.

Once you acknowledge pinch points in your business, your fears & weaknesses, you then become clearer on what areas of your business needs immediate attention.

Once you acknowledge your pinch points, you can decide & affirm what you have to do & in what order.

Once you decide & affirm your order, you can create a scheduled plan of action.
Irradicating the overwhelm & silencing the negative inner mind chatter, because you know that receiving the result you crave can & will simply ELEVATE the areas of focus required within your business.

You just have to put in the work hun, remembering your dreams will not work unless you do.