Make Your May Marvellous!

In celebration of the phenomenal women I have coached over the last 25 days, & the successes they have achieved in the month of April. I am offering clients the amazing opportunity to book a 45 minute life focused M|MK Coaching Golden Call, for clients to gain access my Make Your May Marvellous Goal Plan for just £45! *T&Cs apply

This a detailed step by step plan that will support you to identify your key priority to focus on & map out a plan to make it achievable working towards it throughout the month on May. In this call I will talk you thorough an easy to follow strategic plan, that will support you to lazer focus on that goal project or tasks, that has been on your To-Do list.... forever! 

My Make Your May Marvellous goal plan is the simplest way to help you fulfill your desires & intentions & just get started on the thing that you have been putting off for so long for fear of.... not knowing where to start. This M|MK Coaching goal plan is a guide that has supported many many women within my coaching practice to date, assisting them to up level there life with a clear, realistic & easy to follow plan within areas such as:
  • Starting on the journey of that BIG audacious goal
  • Publishing a book
  • Starting a business
  • Launching a new product
  • Preparing for a new arrival in the family
  • Increasing more sales within their business
  • Reaching their ideal weight
  • Organising for a big life event
  • Reconnecting with their signature self
  • Climbing the career ladder
  • Seeking new employment
  • Embarking on a new educational journey
  • Creating a new routine for life to become happier & more fulfilled with the resources they have
So my darling if this sound like something you need in your life, lets get your call scheduled by simply sending me a message via the Contact Portal to the top right of this post with the words...

"I'm ready to make my May marvellous "

And I'll be straight in in touch with availability over the next 5 days, just in time for you to start working on your goal for the 1st May, this my lovely is something that your June self will thank you for!

Speak soon gorgeous woman.

Bianca xoxo

*T&Cs This offer expires on Thursday 30th March. This offer can not be used in conjunction with any current M|MK Coaching contract, series of coaching or programme. This is an over the phone session for the duration of 45 minutes in total. All calls are subject to availability.