When was the last time you took time out for you... guilt free?

It is said that it is important to practice what you preach & so in all aspects of my life, I do just that! Because the truth is, in order to be able to coach & support women on their personal & professional life journeys I have to be able to relate & know that the support I can give a woman... works!  

When I write a coaching programme or course, the breakthrough knowledge always come from a place of tried & tested experiences & methods, that I have personally applied to testing situations throughout my life. 

As a Mummy, Wife & Coach I often make the conscious decision to take time to relax, reboot, unplug & unwind. I dig deep into my coaching knowledge & apply inserts from my Mindset Makeover Programme & apply them to my life. Because this programme is dedicated to finding ways to makeover your mind with experiences that show you how you can style your mind, up level your lifestyle, reconnect with your signature self & live your life as a happier & more fulfilled you.

I am a true believer that as women it is important to water our own emotional garden in the same way we water everybody elses, because the truth is if we don't look after ourselves... who else is going to steer the sinking ship out of the storm? 

So in the name of 'Research' to add to my ability to support women in my coaching practice to become happier versions of themselves. I went out & about to explore new ways for a woman to up level her life, boost her mood, & water her own emotional garden. Because when we can identify experience that put us back in a place of balance, we are able to restore, reset & restart with clarity, confidence, energy & self belief. 

Now we all know that it is lovely to do the traditional & common things like go to the Spa when we need time to just focus on ourselves, but in a realistic world where many women are time poor & financially stretched, a visit to the health spa (as beautifully restoring as it may be), is not always a viable option. So it has become quite addictive for me to source purse friendly or even free ways that women can experience & enjoy the benefits of 'Me Time'.

This weekend I took time out to reconnect with my love for speciality teas, because I have found there is something quite calming in filling a tea pot with a handpicked selected tea, that has a sole purpose of balancing, calming, refreshing, detoxing, or even invigorating ones mood. It was an absolute delight to take my self off to my local health shop & spend time, quality time with myself sampling their range of speciality teas. That as it happened, was beautifully displayed for interested customers to interact with the tea leafs by smelling, tasting, & reading up on the benefits of each individual bag. 

I found myself 45 minutes later, in my own world of delight, no children, no husband, no clients, nothing. Just me, myself & I..... it was simply 45 minutes of blissful perfection.

You see the truth is as busy women, finding time for ourselves is challenging & often when we do get it, we can't enjoy it for the guilt we feel when we have it! But for us to be able to wear the many hats we wear & keep all the balls in the air, looking after ourselves is vitally important.

So I ask you this question, when was the last time you took time out for you... guilt free? The truth is, if you have had to think for longer that three seconds, huni its been to long! Be it be taking a long way round walk to the shops to get milk alone, rather than driving, or visiting a makeup house in a nice store to buy a new lipstick, taking a walk around the local florist to create a bespoke bouquet for yourself, buying a coffee for one finding a cosy window seat & watching the world go by. Or in my case filling your teapot with a handpicked specialty tea & taking time out to enjoy the full cup of bliss, the message is just do it.

Balance, serenity, bliss & self care does not have to cost the earth, but the benefits that time out for you can offer a woman is invaluable. So I invite you to find the time over the next few days to protect time to do something for you. Something that provides you the well deserved chance to rest, relax, reboot, unplug, breath, & recharge your internal battery. This my lovely is your personal invitation to go ahead & do something your future stressed, & tired self may thank you for, because there really is something quite magical & life changing about rebooting your mind for self care success & reconnecting with the very things that provide you with the time to simply exhale.

I would love to hear how you get on, so don't hesitate to send me a message via the contact portal to the top right of this post. in the meantime be inspired huni.

-Bianca xoxo