Turn your cants into cans, & your dreams into plans

Hi beautiful I have a question for you. You know that decision you have been battling to make & take a risk on? Oh, or that step you have been afraid to take? You know all the negative thoughts about failure you have been listening to? Yeah... That's right im talking about all the moments of what if, the moments where you negative inner mind chatter takes over your mind.

We, let me ask you this huni, take that big dreams, step, decision, risk, whatever that 'thing' is that's causing you to ponder & listen to your limiting beliefs, & simply ask yourself this...

  • What if it works?
  • What if I become a sucesses?
  • What if I sell loads?
  • What if it's not a failure?
  • What if people love it?
  • What if it is the right decision?
  • What if it does give me a better life?
  • What if it does make me happier?
  • What if I do become more fulfilled?
  • What if it is the right decision?
  • What if im a sell out?
  • What if it the right move for my family?
  • What if I don't fall? 
  • What if it does...
  • What if I will...
  • What if I can...
You see hun, look at how many more options there are when you look at your fears in the eyes, give it a wink & show it who is boss! Instead of thinking you can’t, know that you can & remember this wounderful quote. It is better to face you fears scared, than to not face them at all!

You can do this huni!