Mumpreneurship is like a spiritual journey. You find out so much about what you’re capable of, and transform so much as a person, because you have to.

We suddenly give ourselves permission to tap into our aspirational desires & explore our inner ability.
We allow ourselves to be voluneriable, whilst celebrating the feeling of empowerment & confidence.
We acknowledge our fear, silence them & do it anyway. Because we know, that quiting is not an option! We confidently start to adapt to our new found selves, & allow our new found liberation to display itself in other areas of our lives.

We smile when people say "you have changed". Because we know that it's not that we have changed, we have just given ourselves permission to become the woman we deserve to be. Powerful, confident, sucessful, capable, strong, resilient, woman who know that it is possible to build an empire, & be mum at the same time.

We found our wings & let ourselves fly.
We saw the challenges & still continued.
We knew we were capable of more, & so we explored it.
Were know that if we can make & bring humans into this world on more than one ocaasion. If we strip it all back, stick to the plan & keep thinfs simple, running a business will be a doddle!

Were not just Mums, we are business woman, & that in itself, is a great life achievement.
Remember, if you believe you can. Then you can, I believe in you! 

Bianca xx

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