What is you 'Why'?

In my experience as a Business & Life Coach for Mumpreneurs, your "Why" is something that often changes, & that's ok! But it's important that one assesses & evaluates the evolution of their Business "Why". In order to identify why it has changed, & more importantly when the aim/goal has been reached. 

A quick assessment can be done in three simple steps, by asking yourself these focus questions...

❔ What is my Life or Business 'Why'?
❔ Why is this important to me?
❔ I will know, I have reached this when...?

Understanding your Mumpreneur motivation, doesn't require elaborate brainstorming, document writing or training. It's just requires your honesty. The best bit about being a Business Coach for Mumpreneurs, is that I get to share this journey of self development with my amazing clients. Supporting them to build empires far bigger than there minds first imagined. I keep them focused, hold them accountable, & am their biggest fan & cheerleader. 

Take time out today, to make yourself a cuppa, & reconnect with your Life goals & business "Why". It could possibly be the most productive task You have done for a while.