Recently I was asked "Bianca, how do you do it? How have you managed to build an empire from the group up, that's grown into more than just a business, it's a brand. Whilst motivating & showing such love & passion to your followers, be present online more than enough to be noticed, raise a beautiful & happy family, a home, & always have a smile on your face! What's your formula Bianca?"

After a long pause, I replied "...babes, come to think of it. I don't know, I guess as Mums we just do....right?" We both laughed & move on, but the fact is she left me amazed, by the very thought of myself. 

I started to think, you know that deep introspective kind of thinking us mums, women & self employed thinking were so good at. Then I realised 

This is no 'overnight thing', I have been working on my empire, brand... dream continuously & subconsciously since 2009. 

I spend on average 65% of my day in #MumpreneurLand managing my social media platforms, sourcing content, to inspire, motivate, empower, bring knowledge & support to my followers just like you reading this right now, for free. 

I run not only a network that's main objective is to support Mumpreneurs, but I also host two sometimes three live networking events a week to create a platform for Mumpreneurs to learn, grow & develop their business woman journey.

Daily I Coach my clients who remind me daily, that being a Life & Business Coach is so rewarding, & I'm honoured to be their chosen Coach. They say I inspire them, the truth is.... they are my inspiration.  

Regularly I document my journey of mothehood in my Blog, where I share with mums all over the world, my real & honest perspective of my adventure, in hope that they will not only feel empowered, but most importantly, know that they are normal.   

Just like you, I think, think again, then rethink some more, about the next move in business, question my decision then question it again. Then get stressed with myself, shead a few tears, then go back to feeling on top of the world again. All in the space of hmmmm 5 minutes haha...

Just like you, I make millions of wrong moves, decisions & miss opportunities all because of fear.

Just like you I know as a Mumpreneur it's lonely at the top. I know that at times being self employed is like searching for water in the desert. I know that it's an overwhelming experience where you are pushed & challenged every minute of every day as you build your brand... & dream.

Just like you I have lost friends who thought I was to big for my boots when I bravely decided to follow my working dream.

Just like you I suffer from massive 'Mum guilt' because I have to regularly decide between responding to the children, or responding to a client, follower or my own needs all at the same time!

Just like you I have to ask myself questions, answer them, then contest them, in order to identify what really is the next best business move haha...

But you know what the saddest thing about it all is my lovely....

Just like you, I have never really stopped to think about all I do, & even give myself a little pat on the back for it. Why? WELL because it's just what we do right? & we always just make it happen.  

Because the truth is. Having said all that, daily there are a million more of amazing, rewarding, moments of pride, happiness, can't keep the smile off your face joy, inner joy that warms your heart joy that brings a sense of fulfillment & confidence. That make the very same people who probably laughed at you because they didn't understand why you decided to follow your dream. Now ask you how you did it. 

So for those of you reading this, & who follow me thinking "... blimey how does Bianca do it?" I want you to know this, i'm not amazing, together we are amazing. Because just like you my lovely, I'm walking the same path, experiencing the same punches this journey of Mumpreneur life has to throw. Yet just like you, I still haven't given up.

Why? Because this is what we do, & we are doing it brilliantly. 

Supporting, empowering, motivating, mums & Mumpreneurs is my life's calling, & I'm honoured to respond to the call. Remember my lovely, you are Amazing, & your doing a great job. So go ahead & give yourself a little pat on the back. You deserve it. 

From my ❤ to yours ❤