Are you ready to take the challenge?

For those who follow me closely, will know I have a real love affair with the Skyline.

I find it calming & reassuring when I look up & this mornings skyline never failed to disappoint.

As I drove through the morning traffic, in the peak of the rush hour. I looked up & saw this natural beauty.

It really is amazing, how we can find such calm & peace in the midst of the daily hustle & busel of our routines.

Often we fail to notice the nuggets of joy that life gives to us, & as a result we exclude ourselves from blessings & miss out.

So today I challenge you to at some point to just stop.... & look up. Take note of what the Skyline looks like & listen to the message it has for you.

It may be one of peace, calm, or appreciation. Give yourself the free gift of time, to simply stop & take in your surroundings.

You will be surprised at how much clarity a task so simple can bring.