You deserve to....

Sometimes we get upset with ourselves because we know what we are capable of, but seem to settle for our second best efforts. This may be at work, in business, throughout our journey of motherhood, or just in life in general.
We know we can do more, achieve more, feel more fulfilled & know we want to feel all those things, however. For some reason we just don't. Perhaps it's because we don't know how to, aren't yet ready to put in the work to get it, let go & deal with the barriers that prevent us from achieving it. Or more commonly, just don't think we deserve it. (Sound familiar?)

If your reading this & thinking "yes, this is me right now" I want to let you know this. You deserve to sparkle a little brighter! I believe with all the good work we do as woman & mothers we all deserve to emotionally feel our best, mentally be at our happiest, spiritually be at our most connected.

So today I give you this gift of hope & revelation, to know that for you anything is possible. It may take some work & that may be hard, but. It will be worth it. You just have to make the decision to take that first step emotionally, & mentally prepare yourself for the rest of the journey.

Remember. You deserve to sparkle brighter than you ever have before!
So go ahead & do it. ‪#‎IDareYou‬
Coach Chappell. xx