How to capture your thoughts....

Have you ever thought about capturing your thoughts, documenting your day, or simply letting go of your worries using words? Often, moments of clarity can be found, somewhere between clearing your mind & reading back over your thoughts. 

Taking the time to capture your thoughts and feelings, is a wonderful way to exhale, let go, digest & plan your next move, or better still celebrate your progression. Starting or reconnecting with ones Journal is a valuable gift that you can give to yourself again & again. Simply because it is written by you, housing your highs, low, dreams, goals, aspirations, trials, tribulations & achievements. Successes, emotions & most importantly your journey. 

If you have never kept a Journal before, I invite you to consider it. As mothers, we will probably give ourselves a good old chuckle, just by reading yesterdays entry, because you wont believe you felt like that, only 24 hours ago. Keeping a journal is one of my best kept life savers, I give it my thoughts & feeling, & it gives back, proof & evidence of just how resilient & adventurous I am.

What does your Journal give you back when you read it? You wont know the answer to that question, unless you start one. Give it a go... ‪#‎IDareYou‬!