Ladies we are...

There are many women I admire both in life & business although professionally. The woman at the top of my list is none other than Gabrielle Chanel, the brains behind the globally iconic brand that is CHANEL.

Not only for the amazing bags, shoes, clothes, fragrance, make up & skin care range she created. But for the woman behind the business that she was. One who had confidence in her ability to buck trends, make her dreams a reality, & live life as her true authentic self & empower women & men to do the same.

What a legend! 

There is nothing I love to do more than, stepping into CHANEL when I need a little reminder, that in life. The best thing we can do for ourselves as women, is to be our own icon, & support other women to do the same... in our own little ways. 

Ladies we are enough!

Hot mess to huge success!

"Bianca is the Coach that every overwhelmed mum in enterprise needs to get clear on how she can grow her business. The M|MK Coaching Business Clarity Bootcamp programme has given me not only a plan on how to scale my business, but the confidence and motivation to do so to get results. 
Don't think about doing it, JUST DO IT!"
-Lauren Moore

I remember when Lauren enrolled in the M|MK Coaching Business Clarity Bootcamp
programme. She was full of ideas with no real plan of how to execute them! 3 months on she has gone from hot mess, to huge success, recently celebrating her first double figure month in her business!

It really is amazing what clarity, confidence & a good Life Coach by your side can do for your business!

To learn more about how this programme could boost your #MumBoss mindset & book a complimentary discovery call with me, click here.

Who do you decide to be?

 Absolutely beautiful coaching session with a phenomenal woman this morning. Who understood the importance giving herself not only an image but a mindset makeover too.

Back in 2013 I wrote a confidence coaching programme called The M|MK Coaching Mindset Makeover a coaching programme that was birthed as a result of me practising what I preached, applying my coaching techniques to myself. 

Stepping out of my comfort zones, & having the confidence to step into my power in both life & business.

Fast forward 4 years & here I am supporting women, to walk the same journey as I did with a sparkle of empowerment &fulfilmentt in every step.

Guiding a woman on her journey of self development is such an honour, & I get such a sense of accomplishment when I see a woman reach her Ta-Dah moment.
What better way to celebrate this than treating my ladies to a memorable experience. Indulging in beautiful CHANEL products & skin care tutorial.

Because in the words of the iconic woman that is #GabrielleChannel

"I decided who l wanted to be, 
& that is who I am"

To start on your confidence renewal journey, simply click here to book your complimentary M|MK Coaching discovery call.

Coaching Brunch?

There is nothing I love more than to spend time supporting women to step into their power, & providing them with both space & permission to think about what they need to develop & grow personally & professionally. 

This is exactly what happens in the monthly M|MK Coaching Collective Brunch Clubs that I host. They are always time well spent, collectively using the power of talking therapy & NLP questioning, to gain clarity & breakthrough.
It really is amazing how clear our next steps become when we give ourselves permission to... 



& plan how we are going to do what we need to do, with empowerment & confidence.
It would be lovely to have you around the table at one of my coaching collective brunches, with monthly clubs in both Milton Keynes & London Mayfair. I am honoured to be able to support women across the UK to step into their power, & huni that includes you too. 

To keep up to date with dates, topics & how you can join us click here.

-Bianca Chappell  

A little support goes a long way.

When a woman decides to invest in herself with series of life coaching it is a beautiful thing. 

When she chooses to embark on that journey with me as her Coach it is my absolute honour.

I have been supporting a woman through a particularly overwhelming chapter of her life recently. Being here safe person to talk to, keeper of her inner thoughts, & a Coach that reconnects her with her inner strength & ability to keep moving forward & achieve her dreams to become her reality.

I remember asking her in her first M|MK Coaching session,"How will you know when you have achieved this goal?" She replied with... "When I can afford to wake up in a grand suite at a beautiful hotel."

It was such a joy to join this amazing, strong, determined & beautiful woman for breakfast this morning, at the stunning location that is Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf & Spa. As she celebrated a landmark that just 4 weeks ago seemed like just a dream. 

I am so very proud of this M|MK Coaching lady (you know who you are babe), you believed you could... & with a little support, you did.

My clients say I inspire them, the truth is they are my inspiration. 

Mumpreneurs Retreat 2018

I am delighted to announce that I will be hosting another M|MK Coaching Retreat in 2018. This will be a rebooting & clarity retreat, offering Mumpreneurs the opportunity to plan, rest, relax, reboot, unplug, & recharge. 

The M|MK Coaching Retreat is for Mumpreneurs seeking the opportunity to connect with other mums in enterprise, & ultimately reserve time to take time out for themselves as the woman behind the business, & go on a journey of self-discovery as they reconnect with their goals dreams & aspirations for not only their business but life also.

Ok so let me set the scene... 

Imagine taking time out of your busy life as Mum & Mumpreneur to start the day arriving at the beautiful & peaceful Salt Cave Milton Keynes, where you will literally exhale from the moment you walk in because the focus for your very reason for entering, is all about you & your well-being physically mentally & professionally. Moving into the first phase of the morning with a calming session of relaxing movement to awaken your tired limbs, & open your mind in preparation for clear thinking & restoration. Before enjoying a series of group coaching NLP workshops designed to support you to think introspectively about how you can truly start living the life that you both desire & deserve complimented by a business plan that is clear, realistic & workable. All whilst being supported by like-minded women & me, Bianca Chappell your life & business NLP Coach for the day who understands that when women come together great things happen.

To learn more about the schedule of the retreat & to book your early bird discounted ticket click here.

I really hope to see you at the retreat my lovely, remember you deserve.

#ImEveryWoman on 105.5fm

There is nothing I love more than the opportunity to shine a light on the work of fabulous Mumpreneurs and inspirational women! 

I am so excited to be teaming up with Secklow 105.5 fm the inspiration station, presenting a show that showcases the work of empowered mums in enterprise along with leading ladies within their communities. Proving my mantra of...

"If you believe you can. Then you can!"

to be true and powerful! My show is going to be jam-packed with empowerment, inspiration, knowledge sharing, motivation & honesty of the true journey and experiences of life as a Mumpreneur, business & strategies for stepping into your inner ability to love the life you live. Become happier & more fulfilled.

I will be filling the airwaves, with real-life accounts of how with even the smallest dash of self-belief, can go a long long way! To keep up to date with the launch date of my show aimed to reconnect you with your inner sparkle, be sure to pop back to this website, as all deets along with links to the Podcast where you can download all shows will go LIVE! here first. 

In the meantime, click here to take a look at a little behind the scenes clip of me in the studio with my first collective of "I'm Every Woman" ladies.